The main lines in our business include the following:


1. Solutions on the basis of call centers:

  • Contact Center – development of multimedia (voice, video, e-mail, chat) call processing centers.
  • Outbound management – integration and development of preview and predictive dialing systems.
  • IVR – interactive voice response systems.
  • Management and reporting systems.

2. Contact center customer service and Workforce management systems:

  • Call registering and operator screen tracking systems
  • Operator performance appraisal systems
  • Workforce management systems

3. Software development and CTI (Computer Telephony Integration):

  • Proactive outreach solutions using the means of IVR
  • Information and analytical portals for the contact center
  • CTI of the contact center applications with the software of the third parties
  • Customer service quality management systems
  • Call Back

4. Development of enterprise telecommunication systems:

  • IP telephony
  • Unified communications
  • Audio and video conference systems
  • Data networks

You can see some examples of implementation of these solutions in Our projectssection