Development of the Call Center (CC) for Teleperformance Ukraine

Development of CC for Teleperformance Ukraine began in the end of 2007. In October 2009 the final phase of development was completed resulting in creation of geographically-distributed CC, developed on the basis of highly reliable S8730 server using software duplication produced by Avaya. At present overall personnel of Teleperformance Ukraine consists of more than 300 operators and supervisors. Company CC renders full scope of services of the contact center in 3 languages and maintains global standards of quality and information confidentiality.

Development of the call center (CC) for Renaissance Credit Bank

Renaissance Credit is a trademark, using which JSC “RENAISSANCE CAPITAL BANK” renders banking services in the territory of Ukraine. JSC “RENAISSANCE CAPITAL BANK” has launched its operation on the Ukrainian market in the middle of 2006 in consumer lending sector and soon became one of its leading players. Regional network of the bank covers 16 oblasts of Ukraine and Autonomous Republic of Crimea.

In 2007 we have built the call center with 220 workstations and Avaya CMS reporting system.

OJSC “Creditprombank”

Special call center has been developed for 24 agents with integrated business reporting and interactive self-service communication, integration of existing CRM system with AVAYA contact center.

JSCIB “Ukrsibbank”

In this Bank we have implemented ZOOM CallREC® telephone calls recording system for simultaneous recording of 160 agents of the contact center. CallREC® ensures close integration with Cisco Unified Contact Center both in Express and in Enterprise versions which allows searching of registered calls by the agent’s name, qualification group, waiting time, efficiency of agent’s operation and many other parameters. This integration makes CallREC® application a comprehensive system for contact centers. In order to estimate quality of agents’ operation, their efficiency of interaction with Bank Customers, we have installed ZOOM ScoreCARD® software module.

NJSIC “Oranta”

We have installed information system developed by TDU Service, integrated with Avaya S8730 call center. The system ensures agent’s interaction with Customers directly via WEB interface of the information system. Contact administration and management of Customers’ enquiries module was installed. Apart from that, the system allows creating polls and questionnaires for the marketing campaigns, making manual entries to CC portal knowledge database.

LLC “Falstap”

The call center for 20 agents with Avaya CMS business reporting system has been developed for the telecommunication company.

Kyiv Administration of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine

02 service has been upgraded in Kyiv. Call center for 30 agents, CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) with Armor service information system has been installed.

Samsung Ukraine

MynaVoice telephone calls recording system has been installed in the company service center for simultaneous registration of the calls of 24 agents of the contact center. MynaVoice ensures close integration with Avaya contact center which allows searching registered calls by the agent’s name, dialed number or telephone number of calling subscriber. This integration makes MynaVoice software a comprehensive system for the contact centers. In order to estimate quality of agents’ operation, their efficiency of interaction with company Customers, we have installed MynaVoice Evaluation software module.